Rubber, silicon injection molding machine

For all kinds of natural rubber, oil-resistance, heating-resistance, acid-resistance and recycled rubber and etc. It is a sharp weapon of the rubber industry.

Rubber molding machine

Bakelite rubber and brakes to order.
Rubber Packing, O-ring rubber keypad, rubber brake parts for medical use.

Melamine tableware pressing machine

Two-color melamine tableware and.
Three-color Mahjong.
Suitable for melamine tableware, including Chopsticks, Mugs, Bowls, Plates, spoons, salad bowls, tray, two color melamine tableware and so on.

Automatic Oil Hydraulic Compression Molding Machine for Brake Lining

Brake linings for motorcycles, vehicles, trucks and buses.

Melamine Compression Molding Machine for Toilet Cover and Seat

For bathroom ware, toilet cover and seat and etc.

EVA Foaming, multi-layered compression molding machine

For rubber, FRP, BMC, EVA foaming and etc.

Oil Hydraulic Injection Compression molding machine

Forbakelite rubber, glass fiber, Bakelite plugs, urea and etc.

Customized machine

According to customers’ demand.

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